Thursday, October 19, 2006

Perfect Stranger

WOW! There are a lot of you out there! Anonymous friends, or as my boss says “perfect strangers”. He calls the internet the moral compass; a place that shrouds you in anonymity, allowing for complete honesty. He's a smart man. He thinks we only lie when we fear judgment. Maybe he’s right. The only perfect stranger is one who listens without bias and responds without consequence.

He’s a powerful advertising executive with a brilliant mind and a ruthless ambition that makes me utterly devoted and sometimes contemplative of what it would be like to have him. That’s actually Luisa’s biggest fear; that I’d jump the fence with the boss. Her last girlfriend left her for a guy. In reality, she has nothing to worry about. I know that the boss’ conquests have a short shelf life. I’d rather tantalize him with stories of Sapphic love and leave the bedding down to his wife, mistresses and assorted others who cling to him.

He depends on me and I like it. He calls me his walking hard drive so he never forgets a name, a company, an idea. I’m in every meeting, on every phone call. Sometimes he needs to be reminded of what he said, and other times, he doesn’t want to be reminded of anything. He expects me to know the difference. Because with someone that powerful one mistake means you might not get the chance to make another.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Free to Roam

I’m frustrated. My technophobe live-in girlfriend, Luisa, thinks I’m hiding something. We have been sharing a computer and have been using the same email account. But she recently found out I set up a new gmail account for myself. I’ve explained that wanting privacy is different than having secrets. But not to her.

Last night she gave me an ultimatum: either share an e-mail or lose a girlfriend. I chose the latter. It actually sounds more dramatic than it is. We break up once a month. Gives us license to roam. Now I’m free range with a new account, and this blog to match. Our breaks never last more than a few weeks, so I’m taking full advantage. The name’s Josie. My e-mail is Contact me if you’d like to chat. But do so knowing that since I will get back with Luisa, time is of the essence!