Friday, December 15, 2006

America’s Most Unwanted

That girl the boss met online is a freak. What a nightmare! I accidentally e-mailed her from my personal account and now she’s sending me spam and posting my screenname all over the place. As a warning to all those prowling the net her name is, Avoid her at all costs! I think someone should start a site “AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED”! I’m not kidding. We should warn each other who to avoid. Those kind of people should NOT be anonymous. Therefore, allow me to fill you in.

Her name is Grace and she’s a small time model from Philadelphia. They met during one of his monthly Q&A’s. She asked him some inane question, and it went from there. She sent pictures…I’m sure he sent a few, and so on until one day she showed up IN PERSON at a political fund raiser. The wife was there too. Apparently, the boss showed Grace out of the building. From reading her blog he showed her a few other things as well. Then, of course, because he’s a DOG, he invited her up for a few more weekends.

This was a few weeks ago. Now she’s talking about moving here. She even intimated that she’d gone to his wife’s gallery. Can you imagine? Of course he cut her off. Cold. The only problem is that when you give someone an all access pass, and then you shut the VIP door in their face, they can get a little, oh let’s just say…angry.