Saturday, November 25, 2006

Storm on the Horizon

Someone e-mailed me wanting to know what my “ job” is. You could say that I’m a juggler. There are women within my boss’s circle who each want to be reassured that they’re the only ones within that circle. So when the mistress asks if I’ve ever seen him this happy, I tell her, “no.” And she believes me. And when his wife calls to make sure that the new account manager (a/k/a his mistress) isn’t getting too close, I tell her she isn’t. And she believes me, too.

But my loyalty is to only one person, and my job is to make his life easier. So if lying to the wife or buttering up the mistress helps him, then I’ve done it well.

There is a potential storm on the horizon… the Valentine’s Day party that my agency is hosting next month for one of our clients – a global lingerie brand. The wife naturally will be there, and the mistress, who is the account manager for the lingerie company, will be there as well. It could get tricky if the mistress wants to prove something. And she’s young enough to be that stupid. I have to be on my toes because if the wife finds out that the account manager IS the mistress then she and her money are out the door… and my ass is going to pay.

If that’s not enough, apparently my boss has met someone else online. I warned him it’s not a good idea, but he told me I was beginning to sound paranoid like Luisa. I’m beginning to think Luisa was right in her paranoia. Especially since this new online fling keeps calling the office excessively. I’m sure I’ll have to handle this one, too.

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