Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vindictive Sneaky Cow

There should be a manual for how to handle the boss’s wife. I try to massage her every once in a while, reassure her of his love in a way that’s neither obvious nor over the top. So imagine my disappointment when she insists I have dinner with her on the very night I was supposed to see Katherine, my temp crush. But since her request was more demand than invite, I accepted and prepared myself for a frustrating evening spent again reassuring her of her position. But, it turns out that the dinner was less about her than it was about me.

She thinks I haven’t been straight with her. I haven’t given her the truth. I told her that the truth is irrelevant. All she needs to know is what she knows, not what she doesn’t. She just smiled and said if I didn’t come straight with her right now, she’d reveal something that she knows about me. Something I told her in a weak moment. Something I don’t want anyone to know. (And, no, sorry folks I’m not revealing it to anyone else.) It’s blackmail. But, she’s a woman obsessed. Maniacal. Following him, apparently. Even online.

I asked her how she got so computer savvy. Apparently she knew enough to create her own blog and an e-mail account, From there she met someone who helped her get on her husband’s e-mail. And that gave her full access to his perfect world full of perfect strangers. She even knew about FastFilly and how FastFilly had stalked her at her gallery. She said, at one point, she’d even had sex with FastFilly disguised as her husband. That was twisted enough to get my attention. What a vindictive sneaky cow.

I was completely turned on and began to see her in a different light, that is, until she asked me to get rid of Veronica. As if I could…as if I wanted to…It’s funny how both she and her husband expect me to handle all of their problems.


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