Sunday, January 21, 2007


I’ve never been in competition with the boss. But I’m watching him move in on my Katherine, and I’m having feelings I might regret. I told him I thought she’d be more interested in me than in him. I figured that way I could stake a claim. He laughed and said he could change her. Conceited prick. I’m trying to distract him by having him focus on another girl who’s contacted him online. Don’t worry, she’s no FASTFILLY. She used to temp here. Her name’s Veronica.

She’s definitely got his curiosity up. Divine intervention. He asked me what I remembered about her, and I built her up as sexy, hot, smart, kinky—all the things he loves. Little does he know that she was more mall trash than trashy lingerie. But right now she’s turning him on enough, so I might just get my shot with Katherine. I’m asking her out tonight. Wish me luck!